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Here is HTML, web site version of the original PowerPoint slideshow which was built to illustrate the origin, evolution and objective of the HP Memory Project. For better understanding the slideshow format has been preserved for this web version of the presentation. Slides must be changed by hand, one after the other, in the right sequence.
Some illustrations come from Hewlett Packard documents or publications and copies are made by permission of the Hewlett Packard Company. Every other photograph included is from the actual collection pieces and documents.

Origin of the HP Memory Project (2004)


The following presentation was originally created to promote the idea of the memory project inside HP. It is a listing of the major reasons which have initiated the idea of this HP Memory Project. It is an overview of the year 2004, already existing material and of the many objectives we will try to achive in the future.




HP Memory Project
Presentation to HPREC,
Nostalgia Day, June 4, 2007

This presentation was built for a special event which took place on June 4, 2007 at HP's headquarters, in Palo Alto.

The presentation was an opportunity to list, explain and illustrate the actual status and future planned development of the HP Memory Project up to June 2007.

More info on the overall event is available in the NEWS Chapter.


The following is not a PowerPoint slideshow but an additional presentation which was built in October 2012 to offer an overview of 15 years work on the HP Memory Project.

Some Thoughts About Possible Evolution Paths for the HP Memory Project,
October 2012.

The main objective of this presentation is to offer an overview of 15 years work on the HP Memory Project, while suggesting some possible options for its evolution. Additionally, this presentation hopes to raise awareness among possible partners who would be willing to benefit from the work already done.



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HP Memory Project
Triptic Promotional Card

Some visitors to my HP Memory Project might wonder if there is any way to assist with its purposes? The answer is that we are pleased to accept written contributions from HP people whose memories of their life in HP during their careers might be interesting to others.

If you might wish to promote or publicize the activities of the HP Memory Project, a promotional brochure is available on request. When folded, it fits into a #10 postal envelope. This three page document sumarizes the "What & Why" of the HP Memory Project, and lists all the information needed if you want to help promoting the Project.


Marc had a number of these printed and gave them out. I have one -- it is printed on heavy gloss paper ideal for pictures. It is no longer available. However, I located the complete set of files that you can use to make your own and put them on the following link: "Triptic files"


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