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The Web Site


General information: was opened on October 2006. It is today, May 2014, the result of more than 12,000 hours of work, containing 1400 htm pages, and 5700 pictures.

The initial development of the web site has focused on giving the visitor a good overview of the various resources available that will be developed step by step later to bring the project to an educative and informative level as powerful as possible.
The Web Site will be continuously updated.
Additions or modifications of major importance will be announced on the Home Page.
Every improvement and added information will be referenced in a chronological listing.
The News chapter is the place to go for a regular look at what's current on this Web Site.



Technical Information:

The Web Site is Home Made.

The Web Site development is done on various recent PCs networked on a HP-UX evaluation server running the irreplaceable APACHE http engine.
At present all pages are created using Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) technology with Macromedia Dreamweaver CS5 on PCs hardware running Windows XP, or WIN7, Operating System, or Mozilla on HP 9000 Visualize Workstation running HP-UX 11i.
Later planned improvements, will include PHP applications and MySQL database interactivity to provide direct links between the various available documents and the references made to them in the Collection and Resources chapters of the Web Site. A search facility has been implemented on the website as of May 2012.



Browser Compatibility:

Best compatibility of this Web Site is obtained using Internet Explorer 9.0, 10 or 11, every other browser relying on the IE engine like "Crazy-Browser" for example.

Along its development the site is also tested on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 25.0.1
  • Google Chrome Version 31.0
  • Safari 5.1.7
  • Opera 11.52

For better compatibility with Browser of every kind, during 2012, most of the animated pictures on the website which were previously designed using java applets, have been converted to application using jQuery libraries.

However, a few java applets are still in use. The Interactive Site Map below is one of them. If your browser don't display it you must download the Java Runtime Environment from the Oracle Web Site.

The Java Runtime Environment is downloadable for free from the "Oracle"™ Web Site:






A search facility has been implemented on the website as of May 2012.

A search box is now available in the upper right corner of the home page on each main chapter of the website

Entering a keyword in this search box will bring you to the main search results page (example to the left). The form in the upper part of this page allows you to refine your search and offers some options for modifying the way the results are listed.

This search engine is powered by the Sphider-Plus software, and works with a MySQL database. Last indexing of the website on March 2014, generated a 32,500 keywords database. It can be tested using the search box below:








Interactive Site Map & User Guide:

Fly mouse over image map below to get a short description of the actual content of the various chapter of the Web Site.

Links from this image map are active, thus giving the visitor another way to browse the overall Web Site after having a short-form information of what he will find inside.



Overall Website Statistics:

The charts below show an overview of the web site statistics since its opening in October 2006.

Detailed Website Statistics

More detailed, monthly statistic pages have been accumulated, starting September 2011. These pages are intended for restricted access to key personnel, and are not linked from anywhere else on the website. However, if you are interested about statistics on a specific subject covered on the website, don't hesitate to ask for details using the Contact Us form.



Cross promotion of the HP Memory Project
and Website from various publications


Two years after its rollout, the website began to get some excellent recognition from other publications, websites and blogs. The links below give access to several of the most effective ones.

The HP Alumni Association, HPAA, website gives continual promotion to its 20,000+ members

Sometimes, the publication of a new chapter dedicated to the story of an important personality in HP history generates astounding results in the Google rankings. This was the case in February 2010, after publishing John Minck's tribute for the tenth anniversary of the passing of Bill Hewlett. Google ranked at the fourth place on the "Bill Hewlett" keyword search.



Appreciation from people who made the
Hewlett Packard success story what it is:


By far the most gratifying result of our website activity, came from some celebrities who themselves made the Hewlett Packard success story what it was.

Alan Bagley
alanI have just discovered your web site and I am astounded by the amount of detail you have in your collection, and the effort you have put forth to make it available on your web site. You even have a lot on the Frequency and Time Division which I used to run.
Congratulations on all of your fine work.

Alan Bagley
Zvonko Fazarinc
zvonkoI am very touched by your loyalty to HP, which you expressed so eloquently with your collection of HP instruments. As I am reading the recently published book "Bill and Dave" and learning more details about their early activities I am even more appreciative of your work, which is preserving so much of the history of these two men. I consider myself fortunate to have known them personally and interacted with them.
I want to stay in touch with you and wish to be of any help to you in promoting your fine work.

Zvonko Fazarinc
Art Fong
artCongratulation on all the work you have done on HP Memory.
You are doing a great job! It is a lot of work.

Art Fong
Jim Hall
jimI really appreciate your effort to make the LaserJet Memory more accessible over the Internet. Your work to help preserve HP memories is great. I have enjoyed several different topics on your website but never had a chance to thank you!

Jim Hall
Chuck House

John and Marc,

I was really impressed by Hank Taylor's story. On reflection, I am even more struck by how valuable it is for the whole community that you are providing this vehicle for stories to be gathered and shared. It is an immense contribution, and I for one am incredibly impressed by both how much work you've done to get it up and running, and how terrific the stories are that are being collected and presented.


Chuck House

Steve Leibson
steveMarc Mislanghe, creator of the elegant and wonderful HP Memory Project at site, has posted the Tom Osborne interview plus the Dave Cochran interview I made last October. Cochran developed the code for HP's first two calculators: the HP 9100 and the HP 35. You can see both interviews on Marc's site here. If you're at all interested in HP history, you owe it to yourself to look at Marc's site. It is truly a work of art.

Steve Leibson
Hank Taylor
hankYour invitation and enormous support in writing an HP history got me moving and provided the motivation to get the job done.
Not only that, the finished product, with your skills, enthusiasm and supplemental materials, is far superior to what it ever could have been without your help.
Thank you for your patience and stalwart encouragement and perseverance.
I'm deeply indebted to you!

Hank Taylor


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