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Company History & Facts


This TIMELINE, "Company History & Facts" part of the website is devoted to saving and explaining the human side history of that remarkable company. It is divided in three categories:

HP Memories: Dedicated to Employee Memoirs, these authors have written about their time and career at HP. These in-depth memoirs represent the best work of many of HP's legendary people who had an important impact on the overall HP success story, and on the evolution of electronic and computer technology at large.

HP People Stories: Distinct from the longer memoirs, above, this section is devoted to short personality profiles of those exceptionally different individuals who stick in our memories. They made the work at HP interesting and one reason we liked to come to work in the morning. Every reader should consider themselves a contributor to offer a personality profile of their favorite HP person. The Sub-Title might be: "Unforgettable Characters I Knew at HP". This section of the archive also contains a special category of “Bill & Dave” stories, which try to capture their humanity and personality in the daily routine of those exceptional men.

Other HP Writings: We've opened up this new archive to complement the other two historical sections above. This archive will accept stories about interesting and unusual projects, happenings and events that are written by individuals but are more focused on the happening rather than on the individuals. It will present generalized subject matter. Naturally these stories will INVOLVE the writer, as the key character, but not dominate the content.

This TIMELINE SECTION is in continuous evolution. Every reader of these historical documents is encouraged to think of their own career at HP and to offer some anecdotal writeup of interesting events. We're looking for more volunteers who would like to see their name in genuine print!

Products that built the Story


The HP website also displays interesting information relative to the timeline of instruments and computer production. This information is meant for the public in general. We would like to develop a more technical approach with a deeper insight into the product concepts which so frequently make an HP new product an important innovation to its product line category or to electronic science in general.

Continuing to do so, starting in october 2007, the first chapter of Timeline "Products Design" gives access to a library of animated pictures displaying inside views of a selection of the most significant products designed by HP all through their great contribution to electronic and computation technology.


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