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  • Company History & Facts, The 1980s
  • Oscilloscope, Digitizer & TDRnewer
  • Signal & Spectrum Analyzer
  • Network Analyzer
  • Signal Sources & Generators
  • LCR & Component Test
  • Publications of the 1980s & 1990s
  • Company History & Facts, The 1990s
  • Personal Computer & Workstation
  • Pocket & Portable Computer
  • Data Storage
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Plotter & Printer
  • General Electronic Test & Measurement


Important Notice:

This part of the Quick Tour is under construction. To make this Web Site as attractive and lively as possible we will update this Quick Tour, step by step, as soon as the new chapters are constructed. Links from the image-map and from the table-listing will be activated in time, at each upgrade. We hope that the order of appearence will come up to your expectations.
At the end of this third period, in 1999 the HP general catolog was a 624 page, 1 inch thick, directory, listing more than 4000 different products. Even if we named this part of the web site: the "Quick Tour" and even if we limited the referenced equipment to only the most important ones, the quantity of devices significant to the measurement and computing technology evolution during this twenty year period is such that it would require a lot of time to be completed.

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Instructions for use:

This part of the web site is a virtual tour providing a quick overview of the HP product line evolution history. Mostly illustrated by the showpieces of the collection it will try to list all the products which were significant in the Hewlett Packard production, and frequently significant to the innovation in general. A more rigourous classification will be found in the Collection chapters of the site. A more accurate chronology will be listed in the Timeline chapters and a deeper technical insight will be done in the Technology chapters.
The visit can be done at random flying over the image-map. A more chronological visit can be done by selecting the chapters in the list below the picture. Anyway, every chapter visited will be marked in the listing when coming back to this selector page. Enjoy !

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