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On the Bench!

Another title for this chapter could be: Vintage HP Instruments STILL AT WORK TODAY !

 This section of the website has been created to share with you some of our many resources and personal measurement experiences with HP instruments. With this, we hope that you can maintain your instruments within original specifications and extend their useful life for years after their commercial obsolescence.

Instrument "On the Bench" Selection List

When opened in August 2013, this new chapter showcased one important instrument: The 3048A Phase Noise Test System.

On December 2013, a new chapter dedicated to the HP 8568/66 Spectrum Analyzer was opened. Not yet completed, it is already made of 5 chapters, and will be updated soon.

On May 2014, a new chapter dedicated to the HP 8510 Network Analyzer was opened. Not yet completed, it is already made of 3 chapters. They are mostly made of the most useful documentation related to this instrument.

This list will grow as work goes on . . . As time permits . . . Please take a look from time to time. Important additions will be announced in the "advertising" banner on the home page.

Signal & Spectrum Analyzers


Network Analyzers

  • HP 4195A Network//Impedance Analyzer


Signal Sources

  • HP 8640A/B Signal Generators
  • HP 8656A/B-8657A/B Synthezisers
  • HP 3325A/B Function Generators
  • HP 8620-8350 Sweepers & Plug-ins


Vintage, BUT Useful

  • HP 428A/B Clip-On Milliammeter
  • HP 4328A Millihommeter
  • HP 4342A "Q" Meter
  • HP 430s Power Meters & Probes



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